Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Star Whores!

I came up with an excellent porn star name for The Boy (should he want one): Girth Vader.

When I told The Boy this brilliant idea, he didn't fall over laughing or start eagerly planning his new career path (the two reactions I'd anticipated).  I'm not sure why not: as a porn star name, "Girth Vader" is an amusing bit of wordplay that implies both nerdiness and well-endowed-ness.  Surely some reaction other than "Uh-huh" would have been in order.  Sometimes I don't think The Boy is fully attuned to my sophistimacated sense of humour. 

But all is not lost: I think I might do a painting of this fictitious Girth Vader.  Picture a head-and-torso portrait of a buff naked guy in a Darth Vader mask with a really thick pink light-saber beam extending from the bottom of the frame where his crotch would be.  Maybe I'll do porn-star parodies of a bunch of different Star Wars characters!  Porn Troopers, Grabba the Butt, Princess Lay Ya...

...Or maybe not.

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