Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another cat story

I remembered another anecdote from when my cat-friend, Moon, was staying with me.

I was on the couch doing some artsy thing and had a bunch of supplies spread out all around me - including a Scotch tape dispenser with a long tail of tape hanging off it.  Moon jumped up to say hi to me and the end of the tape accidentally got stuck to his butt, causing him to panic and bolt, dragging the tape and dispenser behind him.

At this point, cat logic* dictated that Moon flee to the bathroom, jump into the empty bathtub, and run around in frantic circles with the tape dispenser clattering along behind him (the bathtub was his answer for everything back then...I don't know why).

It probably looked something like this, but with 100% more Scotch tape and 80% more motion blur. 

Finally, Moon remembered that there was someone in the apartment with opposeable thumbs.  He ran back to where I was sitting and gave me a hilariously obvious "DUDE I NEED A HAND HERE" look.  I gently unstuck the Evil Clattering Tape Monster from his ass-fur and he collapsed gratefully into my arms.

*Cat logic revolves mostly around burying things and acting like a spaz.  It does not resemble our Earth logic.

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