Friday, March 18, 2011

HUGE news!!!

As you may have discerned from my previous post, I gave my two weeks' notice at my full time office job today.  I'd been with the company for (yikes!) nine years.

Here's the thing: there is simply not enough damn time in the day for me to 1) work full time 2) sleep enough to stay sane 3) build an online business 4) nurture a strong relationship with my boy and my cat and 5) get a healthy amount of solitude/relaxation.  One of those things had to be sacrificed to make room for the others, and my choice was clear.

I think I've always known that I'd eventually be compelled to quit my job and do the art thing hardcore - no matter how crazy it seemed.  I'd never forgive myself if I didn't at least try.  To that end, I've been putting away money for a long, long time - which is how I can afford to quit when I'm not yet making a steady income from my paintings.  I'm hoping (of course) that quitting my day job will mark the start of an amazing new life for me...but worst case scenario, I end up with a new job and fond memories of Those Few Months When I Stayed Home and Painted.

By the way, I haven't been unemployed in about a decade, and I've never been unemployed on purpose and with an actual goal in mind, so I have no idea what this adventure will be like.  What will happen to my life without the structure of a regular job?  How long will it take for me to fall into some sort of routine?  Will I be productive - making use of every single moment of my freedom - or will I ultimately become listless and unmotivated without someplace to go every day?  Will a quick run to the store become a ceremonial event worthy of makeup and fancy clothes, or will I perhaps turn into a crazed hermit who wears the same filthy pajamas 24/7 and hisses with terror when The Boy opens the blinds and lets some sunlight in?  I can hardly wait to find out - and I'll be posting regular, detailed reports of my feelings and experiences for all of you to enjoy.

If you've ever dreamed about quitting your job to pursue your passion (and who hasn't, even if your only "passion" is sitting on the couch eating potato chips) then you should come along on my wild ride by bookmarking or "following" my blog.  It'll be fun!

And by the about two weeks, I think you'll start seeing a lot of new stuff for sale in my store. :D


  1. I'm excited for you! That's way different than just skipping classes or calling in sick to do whatever you love. I'm a liiiiittle envious! When you need some inspiration and you hit a wall, give me a call and we can use our imaginations. Good luck!

  2. I'm following! I decided last week that it was time for me to quit too! I can't do it all like you said. I can't have a day job, build an online business, take care of two kids, etc. etc. etc. It's too much and something has to give! So my husband and I will be cutting back and saving and I will be working at home by next fall!
    Good luck to you and I will be following along to see how it goes.
    I'm here:

  3. Ryan: is it bad that I thought your comment was going to end with "...give me a call and I'll come over and model naked for you"? But, um, your thing is also good. Brainstorming! Yes.

    Julie: I can't even imagine how busy my life would be if I had kids on top of everything else! That's amazing that you're moving toward working from home. I wish you all the luck in the world! :)