Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caturday: Too Much Togetherness?

One reason I'm looking forward to not having a day job anymore (besides the obvious) is having the apartment to myself all day.  I love living with The Boy, don't get me wrong, but the apartment is really small (and I lived here alone for five years before he came along) and we both tend to be hermits, so I tend not to get as much solitude as I might like.

Except...I won't really be alone alone; I'll be hangin' with Birchy all day.  And I'm used to spending my days in an office where (on a typical day) nobody sits in my chair the second I get up, tries to drink out of my water glass, or sticks their ass in my face while I'm trying to type, so this will be an adjustment.

Then the other day it occurred to me: I'm being really self-centred in assuming all the changes will be on my end.  Quite possibly, the constant togetherness will cramp Birch's style, too.  The Boy and I started speculating about what Birch does when we're not around (that he won't be able to do once I'm home all the time).  We came up with:

-Taking a leisurely stroll around the apartment...via all the tables, shelves, and counters he's not supposed to jump up on
-Backing up into my toothbrush to scratch his asshole
-Humping our pillows
-Moving small items from room to room to make me think I have Alzheimer's
-Working on his screenplay
-Surfing the 'net

This is all just guesswork, of course.  Birch may actually be working on a sitcom pilot.
"MOM!'re home early..."

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