Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: Diesel Sweeties

Every nerd in the whole world (and lots of non-nerds, too!) should read the Diesel Sweeties webcomic. In the beginning, it mostly revolves around the relationship between retired porn star Maura Glee and her boyfriend, Clango Cyclotron...who is a robot.  The ensuing misunderstandings and culture clashes - usually viewed viewed through the lens of Clango's naivety - are poignant and funny and adorable. 

As time goes on, plots thicken, new characters are added, and comic book references abound - often intertwined with amusing commentary on the dating scene.

Also, there's a goth character called Pale Suzie and an indie music snob that everyone makes fun of.  Awesome.

Did I mention that Diesel Sweeties creator R. Stevens also sells merchandise?  The t-shirt section is a glorious orgy of robots, skulls, music snobbery, Apple geekery, Star Wars references, and more.  The shirts are actually silkscreened, btw, not digitally printed - and two of the designs even use glow-in-the-dark ink!  You can also buy socks with adorable pixelated designs knitted right in, plus ties and tote bags and Diesel Sweeties books.

I have a Diesel Sweeties t-shirt, by the way - it's bright green, with a pixelated boom box and the words "User is currently kicking it old school", and it makes me happy (The Boy looks great in it, too!).  Now, I don't want you to panic or anything, but that particular shirt doesn't seem to be for sale if you see a Diesel Sweeties shirt that you like, you should probably get it right away 'cause it might not be there forever.  Just sayin'.

R. Stevens is a hero of mine because he's successfully carved out a life for himself doing creative stuff.  He's an inspiration to those of us who've always wanted to be artists but didn't start making a serious go of it until they were in their late 30s because everyone acted like it'd be crazy to even try, especially their Uncle Don, who would never say the word "artist" without the word "starving" in front of it.

*Ahem.*   Where was I?  Ah, yes.

Rock on, R. Stevens.  Rock on.

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