Monday, February 28, 2011

This post is rated G and is suitable for all audiences.

The Comedy Network runs a message before many of their programs warning us of impending "mild language" and it drives me crazy. 

What the warning seems to mean is that the show doesn't have swear words but does have some phrases that people might object to.  That, my friends, isn't "mild language"; it's "mild bad language" or "mildly offensive language."   Mild language would be things like "Would you like a spot of tea?" or "Land's sakes, Mr. Pennyfeather, what a rapscallion you are!"

In summation, whoever is writing these warnings is a language-impaired pickaninny ne'er-do-well who can EAT MY GIANT BLUEBERRY SCONE.  With BUTTER.

Thank you.


  1. In high school the drama department ran a play about the evils of bullying. The teacher would stand on stage before the show, warning the audience that they would see some "language and situations" in the play. Oh good. It's not a play about a group of mute people standing completely still. Thanks for the warning, teach.