From looking at my online store, you'd think I only make little paintings.  This is not actually the case.  Here are some of the bigger paintings I've done (and you can see even more on my Facebook fan page).  Sorry for the underwhelming quality of some of these photos - one reason my store only has small paintings is that they fit on my scanner so it's way easier to get good images!

I painted this in late 2007.  It's 8"x10" and the caption says "Yeah...I'm still thinking about him."  ...What can I say?  I had someone on my mind. :)

This one is 6"x12", painted in late 2007.  I have it propped up on a shelf in my living room and everyone who comes over loves it and comments on it.

Everyone has at least one song that rocks their whole world.  This is my rendition of what that feels like, with the lyrics to this guy's favourite song rendered in metallic gold paint in the background so you can physically see how the music fills the air.  I painted this in early 2008 and it's 16"x20".  The guy is saying "Dude!  I LOVE this song!"
I did this around March of 2008.  Basically  I just felt like painting myself a little eye candy.  I must have been in an extra-dominant mood because not only did I make this boy a sub, I emasculated him a little by giving him a dainty little cat collar instead of a tough black spiky one.  This painting is 24"x30" (I think) and the word balloon coming from out-of-frame says "Here, kittykittykitty"
When I painted this in early 2009, I was doing a lot of thinking about boundaries: specifically, I was wondering what to do about a (now former) friend who had been trampling on mine.  This painting is notable because it's one of the first times I used tattoos as symbolism: because this guy is leaving a situation that was pissing him off, he has the word "Free" on his scalp, a broken chain wrapped around his arm, and a flaming heart (representing his anger) on his shoulder.  I haven't measured this painting yet but it's pretty huge...two or three feet wide, probably.  The guy is saying "Fuck this.  I'm outta here."

More work from early 2009...I was still thinking about boundaries, and feeling angry about all the times I let people cross mine without making a fuss.  This is a painting of how I wish I'd reacted and how I hope I'll react if someone messes with me in the future.  This painting is 14"x18".

I painted this in spring of 2009, at a time where a string of dating misfires had left me feeling sad and cynical.  It's 14"x18" and the woman's thought balloon says, "Everything I love DIES."
Where does love go? How can two people be important to each other one moment, but then a month or a year down the road they're not even on speaking terms? I just find it so crushingly sad.  I painted this in spring of 2009 and it's 8"x10".  The woman's word balloon says, "I loved you.  Where did you go?"

Spring of 2009; more thoughts on boundaries.  I had a friend staying with me (in my tiny one-bedroom apartment) and I think I was starting to feel a little cramped.  This 16"x20" painting has the main figure cut off by the edge of the canvas - marginalized, as it were.  It's as though the viewer is trying to walk past her without acknowledging her presence and she's yelling "HEY!"because she refuses to be ignored.

More spring of 2009 (boy, I was prolific!).  In addition to sharing my teeny apartment with someone, I had two or three crappy life crises going on simultaneously.  I was dealing with a lot of stuff, and I felt the need to tell the universe I'd be okay in spite of everything, so I painted this.  It's 12"x24" and the woman is saying, "You won't break me."

I painted this in spring of 2010.  It's the first of many paintings for or about my relationship with The Boy.  I'm not sure it's obvious but the hands holding the ripped and mended plush heart belong to a child; the word balloons say, "Um.  You can have this.  You can have this if you want."  It's 8"x10".

You know how when you fall in love with someone, you wish you could take away every hurt they've ever experienced?  That's what inspired this.  When I paint couples, I like to try to hint at their relationship through colours and symbols; in this case I've indicated that these two are a romantic couple - a "matching set" - by giving her a plain silver thumb ring that echoes the bondage ring on his collar and by matching the colours of her tattoos to his eyes and lips.  Also, the woman's tattoo sleeve hints that she's genderqueer and/or likes genderbending: her tattoo is of koi (which symbolize warriors and general manliness) arranged in a yin yang (one of whose meanings is that all maleness has a bit of femaleness in it, and vice versa).  And the Om symbol on her wrist has to do with being at peace with oneself and with the universe.  This girl is telling her boy, " doesn't matter.  You're my girl now."  This is...16"x20", maybe?  I haven't measured it yet.
Apparently, a lot of women feel "threatened" by men who crossdress because they feel these men make better women than they themselves do.  What these women don't realize, though, is that many crossdressers are jealous of the very features women hate about ourselves.  The Boy, for instance, had a tiny, perky little ass and lean thighs like a supermodel, but he wished his ass/hips/thighs looked more like mine.  Why?  Because he wanted to look female and most women have thigh and assfat.  This, then, is my Utopian vision of how dating a crossdresser should be (and indeed how it was, in our household at least).  Once again, I've indicated that these people are in a loving relationship by using matching colours and motifs: you can't see it in this photo but the boy's ring has a star on it to match his girlfriend's panties and tattoo.  I'm slightly embarrassed to note that the tattoo has no great symbolism this time; I just really like stars.  The girl is saying, "You so envy my glorious womanly assfat right now..." and he's replying "Rub it in, why don't you?"  I haven't measured this one yet.

I hope you've enjoyed this selection of my work!  Have an excellent day. :)