Monday, March 21, 2011


Yeah, that's right, I combined the words "masturbation" and "bacon" for the title of this post.  I've been locked in a solitary obsession with (fake) bacon lately and this seems like as good a word for it as any.

My point being: remember the waffles and fake bacon I made a while back?  For the past week or so I've been busy perfecting my bacon design* even further...and also figuring out how to make eggs.

When I look at this picture I crave breakfast, so I'm calling this a success.
Let's take a nice close look at the New and Improved bacon, shall we?

Basically I tweaked the colours a little, making the meaty part less maroon than before and the fatty part a bit more yellow.  Also, I made the ends of each strip a bit irregular instead of leaving them totally square.  I think it works really well!

I'll put some fake breakfasts for sale in my store as soon as figure out a few details about packaging, shipping costs, etc. Also, as good as these items look on a plate, the real genius of them is that they're wall-mountable - imagine the double-take your guests would make if they walked into your kitchen to see bacon and eggs in gravity-defying suspension over your breakfast table! - so I definitely need to take some pictures of them hung up.

*Full disclosure: I haven't eaten red meat in years (although I love and miss bacon very much, hence the attempts at homage) and The Boy is a vegetarian.  My prototype bacon was slightly "off" because I was working purely from memory.  This round, however, is the result of actual research.  What did artists ever do before Google Image Search?


  1. Ballsy blog title of the day...week....month?...from me. I love it. You should do one of a cake :)

  2. I love it! I couldn't imagine a better item on my kitchen wall. (I gave up pork and beef 20 years ago so I haven't seen any in a while either...)

  3. Heidi: I'd try to make fake cake, but this artist already does it perfectly:

    Funcky Love: I firmly believe that kitchens should be decorated with food- or drink- themed art. It just makes sense to me. :)