Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Conversational Snippet #12: Mermaid Farts

[I am working on a painting of a farting mermaid]

Me: Boy, can you look at this and tell me if the bubbles look right?  They'd be small by her butt and then get bigger as they rose through the water, right?

Boy: Yeah, I think so.  But they'd be denser near her butt, too.  You should add more at the bottom of the stream and then kind of let them dissipate on the way up.

Me: You're totally right!  I'll do that now.  [pause]  ...I can't believe we're discussing the physics of mermaid farts.

Boy: Our lives are different from other people's.

When you live underwater, you can't pin your farts on ANYONE else.

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