Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: Glarkware

Glarkware sells t-shirts.  Awesome t-shirts.

Some of them - like the "Expendable" one, are inspired by tv shows; others, like "My Boyfriend Can Totally Beat Up Your Boyfriend", are just plain hilarious.

Me, I own a Glarkware shirt with a sexy cowgirl flipping the bird with both hands (which doesn't seem to be available anymore) and I'm currently coveting their shirt with the image of the tv/game switch.  Let me explain the concept of the tv/game switch for the benefit of the young'uns: in the '80s, instead of XBox or Playstation, there was the Atari game system - just a box with controls on it that you hooked up to the tv.  Some people's Atari systems took cartridges (so you had to buy the actual games separately) but my family's had a handful of games built right in...all of which were basically a variation on Pong.  And when you wanted to play one of these spiffy games with their moving white dots and lines, you had to reach awkwardly behind the tv and flip that switch to "game" first.

Annnnnnnnyhoo, my point is that if you like t-shirts with puns, geeky stuff, or amusing slogans ("I [heart] irony", anyone?), and you like to be able to customize your purchase by choosing the exact colour and cut of the t-shirt you want, Glarkware will make you happy.  And if you sign up for their mailing list, you'll get discounts!

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