Thursday, March 24, 2011

Man, now I wanna make a movie specifically so I can do this.

If I ever made a movie, I'd put two different commentary tracks on the DVD.  One would be filled with actor gossip, behind-the-scenes information, and technical specs put into layman's terms, because I (and probably lots of other people) find that stuff fascinating. 

The other commentary would be someone going "WHO'S THAT GUY?  WHAT'S HE DOING?  IS THAT A KNIFE?  OH MY GOD IS HE GONNA STAB THAT GIRL?!?" etc., etc., for two hours.  That way, when you're feeling a bit lonely, you can put the movie on with commentary #2 and feel like you're watching it with that one friend who never understands what's going on.


  1. HA! this made me laugh. i needed that tonight. thank you.

    while making the second commentary can you be smacking on some greasy popcorn and occasionally sucking the mike and ikes out of your teeth? then it would truly be realistic. oh, and about half way through can you whisper as loudly as you can and still have it be considered a whisper "im going to go get more soda." (im describing my husband. tonight hes getting on my last nerve and im using this comment to vent.)

  2. How could I forget about food-smacking sounds and loud whispering?! You are a genius!

    ...And I hope your husband smartens up. ;)