Sunday, March 20, 2011

Caturday: Commissioned Cattitude

I recently commissioned a digital portrait of Birch from my wonderfully talented artist friend Brett Donnelly.  Wanna see?

Every time I look at this, I squeal with joy.   I love how perfectly Brett captured both the fatness of Birchy's face and the wedge-shaped skull that lurks beneath.  And look how his ears actually seem as though they're lit up from behind!

This makes me want more pictures of Birch, rendered in all different styles, sizes, and media.  Perhaps I can trade commissions with other artists so as to save money and get practice doing custom work.  And I'll hang all my different Birch pictures in a big group on one wall, and visitors will think I'm either adorably devoted to my cat or kind of a sicko, depending on whether or not they're cat people themselves, and it will be awesome.

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