Monday, March 28, 2011

More ephemera from my youth

Do you remember the old Hulk tv show from the 70s?  Each epsiode's closing credits played a sad instrumental song while David "The Hulk" Banner - forced to flee yet another place because of his rage issues - trudged sadly along the highway trying to hitch a ride.

This is the song:

The other day I was playfully mocking The Boy and he put on a big exaggerated pout.  Then he had to pee so he kept on pouting and trudged disconsolately off to the bathroom...WHILE HUMMING THAT SONG. It took me a moment to identify the tune but once I did, I couldn't stop laughing.

And, as usual, I was like "How do you even know that song?!?" and then immediately realized it's because The Hulk is loosely based on a comic book and is therefore a nerd thing.  Any time The Boy knows any tv show or movie from before 1995 (or any actor over 30), it's because there's a nerd connection.

Anyway, now the closing theme from The Hulk cracks me up 'cause any time I hear it, all I can think of is The Boy's skinny perky and delicious* white ass slinking away.  True story.

*Look, Boy, I changed the wording like you wanted!  Now STOP READING OVER MY SHOULDER. (Wuv you!)

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  1. heeeheee.

    i used to HATE the hulk for that very reason, i found the ending sooooooo depressing. poor hulk.