Thursday, January 6, 2011


The fortune cookie paintings triggered a need in me to paint pictures of other food items, and this has now become a full-blown obsession.  I started off painting five 4"x4" canvases to look like toaster waffles (complete with tinted varnish "syrup"!!!).  Now I want a breakfast nook specifically so I can hang a bunch of these righteous waffles up in there.  Sadly, my kitchen is laid out in a way where there's no good place to hang art (or room for a table or chairs), so they'll have to grace someone else's nook. 

So yeah...I painted some waffles (with toasty brown edges!), and they are fabulous.  And then I thought, hey, these waffles should come with a side of bacon.  But not strips of bacon painted on a big ol' canvas - I'd want this bacon to stand alone in bacony glory.  But how to accomplish this?

My brain excels at problem-solving, and "how can I make fake, wall-mountable bacon?" is exactly the kind of weird-ass quandary it loves.  I have indeed come up with a way to construct artificial bacon strips, and I'm 99% sure I know how to make 'em hangable...but I haven't attached the hanging hardware yet so you'll have to be content with a picture taken on the floor.


Hungry? :)