Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Awesome News!

Canada Post's shipping is infuriatingly baroque - certain shipping methods are only available to things being shipped to certain countries, some methods make it more expensive to send things within Canada than to send them to the US, etc.  There is no one shipping method that works for every single destination.

But tonight I fiddled around with their online rate calculator and after a running a dozen or more hypothetical shipping scenarios, having one small crying jag and pulling out about half of my hair*, I believe I have figured out a viable pricing system on sending my wares outside of North America.

Yes, that's right: I now ship paintings everywhere in the world, not just to Canada and the US.  If you're outside North America and you've been desperately coveting something in my store, now's your chance!  Go nuts.  :)

*Ah-HA!  You thought The Boy used an electric razor to give me a righteous chelsea over the weekend, but in fact I suffer from mail pattern baldness due to Canada Post's infuriating website.

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