Sunday, January 16, 2011

Conversational Snippet #8: Nobody Likes an Uppity Camwhore

[I am still obsessing on paintings of food, but now another obsession has appeared - hot mermen.  So naturally I got The Boy to pose for a bunch of reference photos, because he is pretty and readily available and loves having his picture taken.  Later, this happened:]

Me: Y'know what's a shame about this merman thing?  I don't get to draw your spectacular ass.  It'll just be, like, a featureless curve at the top of your tail.

Boy: So just move it up[Gestures at his chest and does a little shimmy.]

Me: But I'm painting you as a merman, not a mermaid.

Boy: So?

Me: I am not giving you mermoobs.


  1. Mermoobs! Mermoobs mermoobs mermoobs. What a great word.

  2. Not all mermen have "swimmers' builds". :D

  3. I've seen my fair share of mermen who's tails start at the hip, not the waste. So, merbutts are in fact a thing.

    1. That's an excellent point! I've seen mermen portrayed like that, too. And while I enjoy the excuse for showing a hot dude's ass, it doesn't really look right to me.

      Plus, if his butt shows in back, that means the front view is probably a little more x-rated than I'm willing to go at the moment. I could only sell a painting like that in very...special kinds of festivals. :D