Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: Weird Green Cat

Today I will be discussing Weird Green Cat.

Weird Green Cat is a webcomic that comes out every Monday, and it is awesome.  Creator Brett Donnelly excels at crafting dead-on parodies of Star Wars, comic book characters, etc., and seasoning them with exactly the right touches of philosophical sweetness and cynical grains of salt.  It's like someone put geek culture through a Holden Caulfield filter*.

If I had to pick a favourite comic, it might be this one, based on awful '80s fantasy film Ladyhawke (it's funny 'cause the guy is saying exactly what I was thinking when I watched it!) but the competition would be very, very close indeed.

Incidentally, Brett also does digital commissions.  I'm getting one, but I haven't been able to decide what I want him to draw for me...there are so many things I'd love to see translated into his drawing style!  You can also purchase a fancy, high-res print of any of his comic strips - or rather, a print of some of his comic strips, because he'll only print each one once.  The list of still-available-comics is here - order your favourite one while you can!

Last but not least, you can purchase a handy educational 12"x18" poster of A Phylogeny of the Undead (the hilarious faux-Latin names alone are worth the price of admission, kids!).

So, yeah.  That's all I have to say.  Go read now. :)

*which is something I just made up but I'm suddenly thinking it'd be really cool to have one...I'd run the Bible through it so I could read Jesus' plaintive musings about women.

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