Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: UglyBaby

Today I'd like to direct your attention to UglyBaby on Etsy.

This store is so freaking great!  It specializes in waterproof "shower art" - basically a slab of clear rubber with awesomeness embedded in it and a suction cup on the back for hanging.  I've bought three pieces of shower art so far and will undoubtedly buy more in the future - especially since they'll accept custom orders and these custom orders can involve photos and/or slogans and/or glitter.  For a somewhat tomboyish person I am super-addicted to glitter...maybe I'm part raccoon or something.  Yay for shiny things!
Anyway, in addition to awesome shower art with zombies and ninjas and glitter and snarkiness built right in, the store also carries adorable handmade greeting cards.  Plus, if you love their shower art but it's not within your budget, they sell postcards of some of the best pieces. 

Their customer service is excellent, too.  The seller keeps you informed of the status of your order and your stuff will come with a postcard explaining what shower art is and how to care for it (and some info on other projects the seller is involved in, I believe).

You should really go look at their stuff now.

*If you're curious, two of the pieces I bought were gifts for friends: one with glitter and the caption "YOU'RE A STAR" for a friend who needed a bit of a pick-me-up, and one with a tiny female action figure being shot with a rainbow beam from a device in the sky (caption: THE GAY RAY STRIKES AGAIN) for a friend who enjoys both sparkly ironic things and having sex with other ladies. 

The one I bought for me has a toy pterodactyl in it along with a sprinkle of green glitter and the words "MORE THAN A MEATBAG.  A HECK OF A LOT MORE."  I hung it in my shower so I'm reminded every morning to keep pursuing the art thing as hard as I can - because without inspiration shaping and informing my life, I am just a meatbag**. 

**Yes, I can read symbolism into any combination of words, no matter how random.  It's a talent I have.***

***Another of my talents is making blog posts that necessitate multiple (or even nested!) footnotes.

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  1. Awwwwwhhhhhh, thanks for the kind words about Shower Art. We think you are nice.