Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gender Wednesday: Dude, you are SUCH a chick.

My friend posted the clip below on my Facebook wall a while back.  I love it because it shows just how stupid and arbitrary gender stereotypes are.

You can bend anything around until it looks "masculine" or "feminine", really.  Knitting?  Oh, yeah, that's a dude thing.  Guys are so good with their hands...and good with counting, which is a big part of doing the fancier stitches.  Cooking is another obvious manly pastime, what with all the math involved. 

Sports, though...sports are sooooo girly.  Chicks are smaller, y'know...makes 'em more agile.  Plus women have a lot of physical endurance - their bodies are built for childbirth, after all.

Etc., etc.

Anyway, enjoy this delicious comedy!

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