Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: Body Art Forms

Do you have piercings?  Do you want pretty, edgy, or interesting jewelry to put in them?  Then you might want to check out Body Art Forms.  They carry all kinds of body jewelry, from belly button rings to septum spikes.  Got a hankering for pyrex plugs for your stretched ears?  BAF has them.  Maybe a pair of spirals made of stone or horn?  BAF has you covered.  Every time I go to their site, my inner raccoon says "OMG SHINY THINGS!" and I end up browsing through tons of items - even stuff I can't actually wear - until I fall into a drooling retail coma.

BAF is especially awesome because they let customers post reviews and photos of the products.  These pics and opinions have played a big part in helping me decide what to buy - and so far I've loved all of my purchases!

Also, Body Art Forms sells their stuff for much, much less than my local piercing shop does, and since it's a website I can shop naked, which my local piercing shop seems to frown upon.  So there's that.

Everything I've bought from BAF arrived pretty fast...within a week or two, I think.  And although I've never had to return anything, there's a lot of feedback from customers who say that BAF's customer service is great and that returns are quick and easy.

I'm gonna go ogle their waffle-texture rainbow dichro plugs some more and wonder if it'd be worth stretching my ears a bunch of sizes bigger so I can get them.

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