Sunday, January 2, 2011

Addendum: Don't Read This, Either.

Just a little postscript to this week's Caturday...I remembered something else that happened during Mordecai and Tulip's stay in my apartment.

Turns out cat physiology is somewhat similar to ours: which is to say, when Tulip was in heat, any time she'd get up from sitting on the couch she'd leave a tiny wet vagina print behind (funfact: this is why human women wear pants).  Each print was a neat little circle, like this:

I saw this and couldn't stop laughing.  I said to Mordecai (who, if you'll recall, tends to object to my general disgustingness commitment to telling the truth): "Dude, we need to buy a coaster for your cat.  She's leaving wet rings on the furniture."

And he was like "OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU STOP TALKING NOW."  (Which, frankly, I've heard so many times from so many people that the words have lost all meaning.)

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