Friday, January 28, 2011

Flight of the Conchords has a song for EVERYTHING!

My friend The Bitter Guy told me about a robot-themed art show coming up...they're still looking for participants.  Robots sound like the kind of thing I would've painted before, yet no, I had not.  But I'd like to be in this show, so I started scrounging around in my brain, trying to come up with ideas.  And suddenly, my brain got flooded with like ten million different kinds of robots that I totally need to paint.  Yes, robots are my new obsession.

And when I get obsessed by a topic, I tend to get so immersed that I'll even get relevant songs stuck in my head.

If you know Flight of the Conchords at all, you probably see where I'm going with this.  If not:

And, as usual, I only remembered a tiny bit of the lyrics, so I was planning out compositions in my sketchbook while singing a continuous loop of partially improvised words: "The humans are dead (he's right, they are dead)/the humans are dead (ask Birchy, they're dead)/The humans are dead (they smell pretty dead)" etc.  On and on and on.

The "I am clinging to the brink of sanity by my fingernails" expression on The Boy's face was priceless. I'd probably better start sleeping with one eye open.

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