Monday, January 31, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: Fresh Collective

I am a 37 year old childless-by-choice artsy girl, and it's damn near impossible for me to find clothes that I like.  Most women's clothing stores tend to be a little too soccer-mom for my taste.  Stores that cater to the gothic subculture carry delightfully edgy clothes...that are made for pipe-cleaner-skinny girls who don't mind if their asses hang out (seriously, I try on skirts or dresses at these places and they're at least four inches too short to cover my butt).  WHERE IS THE HAPPY MEDIUM, DAMMIT?!  Where are the clothes that are sexy and interesting and cover my bathing suit areas?

At Fresh Collective, that's where!

Fresh Collective started out as Fresh Baked Goods, a clothing brand that consisted mostly (or maybe entirely?) of funky hand-knit sweaters.  Mastermind Laura Jean the Knitting Queen has since turned her brand into a store that features clothing and accessories from her own line as well as a bunch of other designers.  The store is so successful that it's in the process of opening a third location (but only in Toronto - sorry, folks!).

I have a dress and a skirt from the Fresh Baked Goods line (it seems Laura Jean is good at more than just knitting!) and both items get comments whenever I wear them.  The skirt is black and knee-length with a pattern of bright red cherries and some sassy red lace trim at the bottom.  The dress is also black and knee-length, and so tastefully stylish that many people don't notice it's covered in little cartoon skulls*.  Finally, I can dress my age without feeling frumpy!  Thank you, Laura Jean!

Another brand found at Fresh Collective, Mandala, also carries cute knee-length dresses; really, all the clothes I remember from Fresh Collective are cute, interesting, and not overly revealing.  And there's always great jewelry, too!  This store is truly the "sweet spot"  for women in their thirties (although you don't have to be in your thirties to like their stuff, of course.  You also don't have to be a woman: the last time I visited their Queen Street location, there were baby clothes and sassy men's underpants as well!).

You can see some of their clothes for yourself (in the little slideshow on the right) and also find a Fresh Collective location here.

Happy shopping!

p.s. Sorry for the late post!  I have a bad cold so I've been sleeping a lot.

*"You look cute but kind of scary at the same time!" someone once told me when I wore the skull dress.  "That's exactly what I was going for," I replied.  I love when I achieve exactly the look I wanted!

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