Monday, January 10, 2011

In Which I Totally Fail at Networking

Yesterday The Boy and I went grocery shopping and got the friendliest cashier ever.  When she asked us how we were and we said "tired", she was like "Awww, why are you tired?  Do you mind me asking?"

Both of us got all awkward and just shrugged or whatever.  I can't speak for The Boy but I know I was thinking "This chick is doing a job.  She probably doesn't really want to talk to us."  So, I avoided talking about myself because, like, why should she care?

But she was clearly trying to engage us in conversation - just because I'm not that type of person doesn't mean that nobody is.  And now I realize I should've answered with "I was up all night painting, actually.  I'm an artist with an online store...would you like a business card?" 

I bet she totally would have taken a business card - and cheerfully, too, not under duress.  She was just that kind of chick who's interested in everyone and wants to know what they do and what they're like.  People like her are probably also very likely to pass cool information on to their friends.

But nooooooooo, I didn't tell this girl anything about my business, even though she handed me the opportunity on a silver platter.  I had to get an attack of social anxiety and convince myself that her obvious friendliness was all an elaborate ruse.


I think we can all see why I choose to sell online rather than at arts and crafts fairs.  Online, I am friendly and approachable and funny and confident.  In person...well, I'm still friendly and approachable, and sometimes funny.  But I have attacks of shyness.  My brain locks up and I forget how to carry on a conversation.  Hopefully this is something I can work on.

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