Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm a messy, hands-on sort of artist.  If my brush gets overloaded I'll usually wipe the extra paint off on my thigh.  Sometimes, I go to rest my hand on the canvas to touch something up but the paint isn't quite dry and comes off on my hand - after which (I'm never aware of it at the time but the evidence doesn't lie) I inevitably wipe my hand across my face.  Occasionally, I'll squeeze paint out of the tube with a bit too much zeal and some will drip on my bare feet.  How my forearms always end up Jackson Pollocked is anyone's guess.

And the thing is...I love it.  After a productive day of making art, the vibrant, rubbery shrinkwrap coating of acrylic paint on my skin makes me feel more beautiful than any makeup, any haircut, any lingerie, any compliment from a stranger.

Art is my happy place. :)

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