Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tabloid Talk

Y'know how sometimes there's a famous person who's had so many plastic surgeries that they look really wonky and weird?  There are inevitably a bunch of people (on message boards and whatnot) going "What the hell?  How does s/he possibly think that looks good?!?"

I always assumed the person doesn't think they look good.  I figure they got one or two little surgical tweaks that they really liked and then the third one was like "OMGWTF THEY SHAVED MY NOSE DOWN TOO FAR AND NOW I LOOK LIKE SKELETOR" so they got another surgery to try to fix the bad one but it accidentally made things even worse so they got something done to a different part of their face to try to distract from the problem area but that didn't work out so well and from there the whole thing just got totally out of hand.

In conclusion, I don't think oversurgeried stars think they look good (necessarily); I think most of the time they know they fucked up but they're keeping it on the downlow because going around saying, "Hi, I feel ugly and also stupid" is not a fun or productive way to live your life.

But I could be wrong.

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