Monday, December 6, 2010

New Feature: Shoutout Sunday!

I've decided that on Sundays I'll tell you guys about something or someone that I think is super cool.  Unless I run out of ideas, in which case I won't.  But I think I can do this!

For the inaugural edition of Shoutout Sunday, I'd like to point you toward Hyperbole and a Half, the blog I've been obsessively reading for the past week.  Blogger Allie Brosh is fucking hilarious.  I've been steadily working my way backward through her posts and I have to say, although the earlier stuff is still funny (observational humour, photos, amusing Photoshoppery, etc.), she really hit her stride a bit more recently (I don't see any dates on her posts so "more recently" is all I can tell you) when she started telling anecdotes about her life and illustrating them with little-kid style drawings.  Drawings done in MS Paint, of all things!

My very favourite story is probably The Party, which had me laughing so hard that I could barely breathe.  Eventually my laughter transcended sound itself and became long intervals of subaudible squeaking punctuated by huge, wheezing gasps.  That's how funny The Party is.  I then made The Boy read it, and he also laughed a lot, and we've been randomly texting each other "PARP!" ever since. (If you want to understand that reference, you'll just have to go read the story now.)

There's also this little comedic riff, which I fell in love with because I'm a stickler for proper grammar and punctuation.  And, oh, there's this story which is completely based on my life (well not really but it might as well be).

There is also a Zazzle store, which...OMFG THE STORE HAS A "PARP" T-SHIRT!  *SQUEEEEEE!*


 In conclusion, if you like hilarious stories about dogs, childhood, grammar nerdery, and other things, you'll probably like this blog.

Also, I'm aware that I'm technically posting this on Monday, not Sunday (it's 12:32am), but I'll try to be more on the ball next week.

Additionally, I'm aware that my blog's timestamp is improperly set and I need to get on the ball with that, too.

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