Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is it just me?

I've known a lot of people who pay for things using their debit cards whenever possible.  They feel weird carrying around large sums of money, presumably because they fear a criminal with X-ray eyes will see the wad of cash right through their purse/coat/wallet/etc. and target them for a mugging.

But as often as not, these same people own a shiny new top-of-the-line cell phone that they'll take out and use anywhere, anytime, without a thought.

Mind you, I've never heard of anyone getting mugged for their cell phone (or laptop, or iPod), so maybe there's a method to this madness.  To me, though, it's an amusing contradiction to be afraid of carrying $100 cash in your pocket when you regularly brandish a $400 phone in your hand.


  1. You mean you never heard that warning in Toronto? They were saying that people were getting mugged in the subways and on buses and such for their iPods... and people just carry 'em around in total view of everyone, anyways, so they're an easy target. :P

  2. I even see people on the subway with laptops. Not necessarily huge terrifying bodybuilding men, either; teeny women just casually updating spreadsheets and whatnot.

    And, I mean, we should be able to do that, dammit. In a perfect world. But this isn't a perfect world, so I hide my valuables.

  3. ...and no, I didn't hear the warning (I live under a rock) but it makes perfect sense.

  4. I don't carry cash because it's not convenient for me. >shrug<