Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Revolving Karma Gate" would be an awesome band name.

The main access points to the Toronto subway system have turnstiles, but some stations have secondary entrances/exits with kind of a revolving gate setup (because there's no staff member there to stop people from jumping a turnstile).  Except obviously these contraptions only go halfway around, otherwise you could get right back into the station again without paying.

Last night, The Boy and I were going home from grocery shopping and entered the subway station via a revolving gate thingy.  Once we were in, I saw that there was a twentysomething blonde with a suitcase and guitar case (and I think a knapsack, too) trying to negotiate her way out.  She couldn't fit herself and her stuff into the gate's compartment all at once, and there was nobody with her and nobody else around.

I was like, "Hey, do you want to go through there with just the guitar and I'll push your suitcase out after you?" and she said that would be great, and once she and her stuff were both safely on the other side she thanked me and wished me a good evening.  And I have to say, the whole experience made me really happy...like, stupid-happy.  I feel like this might be sort of weird so I shall endeavor to explain.

Firstly, I'm pleased that she trusted me with her personal belongings, even though it was dark out and The Boy and I were total strangers who outnumbered her and if we'd decided to run away with her suitcase instead of passing it through, we probably could have.  The fact that she took a chance tells me that we give off good vibes, and I like this.

Secondly, it made me happy that I was able to help someone so much by doing so little.  With about two seconds' effort, I saved this person from possibly getting wedged in the revolving gate thingy and having to yell for help - or at least from having to schlep herself and all her gear across the station to a different exit.

And last of all, I'm a big believer in karma so I figure this small act of kindness will get passed along and make the world a slightly brighter place.

In conclusion: thank you, trusting blonde musician chick, for giving me reasons to feel happy with the universe. :)

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