Saturday, December 18, 2010

Conversational Snippet #5: Noise in My BRAIN.

[I'm easily startled, and sometimes unexpected sounds or physical sensations bother me.  In this particular case, Birch was driving me crazy and The Boy had just hustled him off to the next room.]

Me: I seem to be having an especially sensitive day today when it comes to random noises.

Boy: I noticed.

Me: Just...just...that agonizing slow crrrrrrrrrinkle when Birch decided to lie down on the empty potato chip felt like it would never stop...I kind of wanted to tear his little cat head off*.

Boy [calling out]: Did you hear that, Birch?  Mommy doesn't like you anymore!

Me [calling out]: Don't listen to him, Birch.  Mommy never liked you**.

*Ironically, that would have made an even worse sound than the chip bag.
**Totally untrue.

NB: I have recently been made aware of a book called The Highly Sensitive Person.  The gist of the book is that jumpy freaks like me actually have a differently-wired nervous system than other people, so we experience sensory input more intensely.  In other words, there's an actual, physiological reason why I'm like this.  Which is kind of comforting.  I have not purchased this book, but I plan to.

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