Friday, December 10, 2010

I can seeeeeeeeeee you...

Sometimes, viewing my blog stats kind of feels like an elaborate game of cat-and-mouse for me.

Like, I see that there are a fair number of people who've viewed a post but didn't comment and I can't help thinking, "Ah-HA!  You think you're being so stealthy, visiting without leaving a trace, but I know you were here."

Incidentally, I've gotten some page views from Greece and Croatia, and I don't personally know anyone living in those countries, so that comes as a pleasant surprise.  Did they find me via a friend of a friend?  Did they land here randomly during a bout of late night 'net surfing?  I have no idea - the stats aren't that specific.  Either way, I love knowing that my words are being read by strangers from distant lands.  As someone who grew up in the time before internet (*gasp!*) I still find it wondrous how the 'net can connect people who would otherwise never have met or spoken.

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