Monday, December 27, 2010

Conversational Snippet #7: Lady Gaga

Shambolicguru: I have a grudging respect for Lady Gaga.  I'm not into her music per se, but at least she writes it herself.  And she can even play an instrument!

Me: I didn't know that.

Shambolicguru: It's true!  Actually, I think she can play two: piano and guitar.

Me: That's hard to picture because usually Lady Gaga is wearing, like, a lobster-shaped oven mitt on one hand and a ukulele stapled to the other.

Shambolicguru: I heard she has a special device for playing the guitar that's basically a just pig she straps to the ukulele.  She puts on the pig, and then she kinda...flails.  [Pantomimes strumming a guitar with a pig that's strapped to a ukulele that's stapled to his hand.]

[I have awesome friends]

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