Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shoutout Sunday: Bathwerks

I'm not normally a person who wears perfume.  For one thing, my body chemistry turns many perfectly lovely scents into a combination of cinnamon and burning polyester.  For another thing, I worry that other people will find the smell of my perfume gross - better to aim for total scentlessness, I figure, than to try to smell good but fail.

Still, every few years I have a brief ill-advised craving for a new perfume and I go all over the place obsessively trying different things out (and usually don't end up buying anything).

But then everything changed.

A while ago, I did some apartment- and cat-sitting for a much girlier friend while she was out of town.  She said I could use anything of hers that I wanted while I was there, so one night I painted each of my fingernails a different colour using her many nail polishes, sparingly applied some of her MAC lipgloss (Russian Red), and poked around among her many bottles of perfume.  One of them was "Dark Chocolate" from Bathwerks and OMG IT MADE ME SWOON.  This stuff isn't a mixture of different elements with a top note/middle note/base note; it just purely and unmistakeably smells like dark chocolate.  And when I spritzed a bit of it on my neck, it still smelled like dark chocolate even the next day!

In short, Bathwerks Dark Chocolate solved all my perfume issues in one fell swoop: it smells amazing, lasts a long time, and I figure very few people will be offended by the smell - you almost can't go wrong smelling like a yummy dessert, right?  Indeed, although the scent doesn't leave a huge trail in its wake (another plus for me), if I'm in a crowded car or elevator someone will always eventually ask "does someone have cookies?" or "who smells yummy?"

By the way...the Dark Chocolate perfume happens to be half-price right now.  Also on sale: their Creme Brulee and Sugar Cookie perfumes.  Sugar Cookie also smells exactly like the real thing; I've never smelled real creme brulee but I can tell you the Creme Brulee perfume is heavy and sweet and creamy and delicious, which seems about right.  If any of these sound good to you, go order them online while they're only $15!!!  You really can't go wrong!  And their shipping is pretty fast - I always get my stuff within three days - so if you live in Canada you could order now and get your goodies by Christmas.

But there's more!  Bathwerks doesn't just make perfume; as their name indicates, they make bath stuff (and lotions and scrubs) as well!  They claim all of their products are made with wholesome ingredients (I'm no expert on this stuff but it looks like their ingredient lists do have more recognizable ingredients than unpronounceable chemicals on them, which is a good sign).  Also, if you're not as into the desserts as I am, you can get their products in scents like bergamot, English tea, or rose geranium instead.

Here are brief reviews of all the things I've tried:

Solid Bath Oil: this is a bar of cocoa butter (looks just like a chocolate bar).  You break off a square and toss it in the bath, and it melts into a delicious-smelling, moisturizing bath oil.  They have white-chocolate ones and regular-chocolate ones; I've tried both (chocolate orange and dark chocolate, respectively) and both smell lovely and will leave your skin feeling nice, although the regular chocolate kind will leave a brown bathtub ring.  Solid bath oil is on sale right now!

Milk Wash: a yummy-smelling, moisturizing body wash.  I have the dark chocolate one, and it feels and smells great.

Creme Fraiche: a very thick moisturizing cream that comes in a tub.  I have this in (what else?) dark chocolate.  It's rich and luxurious, smells exactly like the perfume, and totally soaks into my skin - not like a lot of drugstore moisturizers where you rub your arm ten minutes later and get that "eraser shavings" effect. This is also on sale right now!

To be honest, I almost didn't want to tell you guys about this stuff.  I wanted to hog all the delicious dessert-scented goodies to myself.  But then I thought, "if nobody knows about it, nobody will be buying it, and then maybe Bathwerks will discontinue it, and I can't let that happen."

So there you go. :)

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