Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An open letter to the creator of the Nicorette inhaler

Dear Sir (I'm not even going to pretend you might be female),

How did your product get to the manufacturing stage without anyone mentioning its striking resemblance to a plastic tampon applicator?  Do you have any women working in your marketing department at all?

I don't have an MBA or anything but I feel that you're not really understanding the motivations of your target audience here.  Most people start smoking because they think it looks badass.  Eventually, they may want to quit smoking because they're sick of being short of breath and coughing up tapioca pudding, but - and this is important - they still probably want to look and feel badass.  And you're unironically telling them to fellate a feminine hygiene product.  In public.

"Mmmmmm, fresh!"
I mean, seriously.  You couldn't at least have made it black?

Anyway, if this thing isn't exactly flying off the shelves, now you know why.

Meredith Viner


  1. LMAO! XD

    It's sooooooo true, though! Fuuuuuck.

  2. It occurs to me that if the goal is really to quit nicotine altogether, you'd have to taper off the amount. So probably the inhalers come in, like, different concentrations so you can start with lots of nicotine and work your way down.

    If I'm right, I vote that the different stages of inhaler be called Super Plus, Super, Regular, Slender, and Light. :D