Monday, November 29, 2010

Conversational snippet #1

The Boy does not drool when he's relaxed.  However, he obsessively thinks he's about to drool, and will twitch and slurp the imaginary saliva back into his mouth.  I think it's cute...I can always tell when he's really enjoying one of my massages because, all of a sudden..."schllllluuuup!"

Last night he did the slurp as he was falling asleep, and the following conversation occurred:

Me: I'm gonna buy you a PVC pillowcase that is impervious to drool.  [Thinks a moment]  But then if you did drool, the pillowcase would basically become a slip-n-slide and your head would skid across the pillow and slam into the wall.

Boy: [Gives me the stinkeye for a full minute and a half]

Me: Hey, man, that was funny.  You are clearly not mentally developed enough to grasp my sophistimacated sense of humour.  I am a comedic genius.

Boy: Yeah, just like Beethoven. [A reference to this awesome thing we'd read right before bed]

Me: [Highly undignified snortlaugh]

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