Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yay! Stats!

The Boy suggested I try loading up my blog stats in a different browser - and it worked!  (He is a genius!  I think I'll keep him.)

I can see now that "A Very Important Announcement" got more views than any other post, probably because of its eye-catching title.  Which is funny because the "important announcement" was that if I stick my tongue out really really far, I can see it in my peripheral vision.  It's possible that other people wouldn't actually consider this "important" per se.

In future I shall be careful not to abuse grandiose post titles.  I don't want my audience to get all excited for Big News, only to find a post about root beer or my cat's kibble farts.


  1. Root Beer is a very important topic to some of your loyal readers.

  2. You could always title all your posts "FLAPS IN PLAIN VIEW" and see the stats shoot right up...