Monday, November 15, 2010

Closure on that mouse thing

By the way, the mouse problem is solved...for now.

Late last night I was puttering around in the kitchen when The Boy called out that he'd cornered the mouse in the bathroom and needed something to put it in.  "Don't bring Birch in here," he added, completely unnecessarily. 

I ran to the bathroom armed with a plastic container from that day's lunch.  The Boy grabbed it from me and used a wooden backscratcher (shaped like a miniature rake, kind of) to drag the mouse out from behind the toilet.  Then he used the scratcher like a spatula/shovel to toss the mouse into the container, and he put on the lid (but didn't completely seal it because he didn't want the mouse to suffocate).

Just to be clear, a mouse loose in the apartment will freak the crap out of me - mysterious rustling noises, suddenly bursting out from under things and running past four inches from my bare toes, etc.  But when a mouse is safely contained, I think he's cute as all heck.  I took some pictures of this one (as best I could through the plastic).  If you're having a hard time making out the actual form of the mouse, that's his round ear roughly in the middle of the picture and he's facing right.  The white thing he's sniffing/eating is a piece of cheese we put in there to keep him occupied while we took pictures and got our coats and shoes on to take him to the park and release him. 

Here's an underneath view.  The container is smeared with the remnants of a salad...sorry if that's a bit gross.  But LOOK at those widdle pink toesies!

And then I thought it would be funny to put the container next to Birch, who had slept through the whole mouse-catching thing because he sucks and is the worst hunter ever.  I had a feeling he wouldn't understand what was in the container or be particularly interested in it, and I was right.

Oh well.  Good thing he's pretty.

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