Sunday, November 7, 2010

Word of the Day #1

This one’s more of a Phrase of the Day, really.

I bought a bunch of shipping supplies in bulk for my Etsy store.  The up side of this is that I can charge less for shipping because each envelope or cardboard box costs me much less than if I’d bought it individually.  The down side is that our already crammed-to-capacity apartment now has to accommodate 250 bubble envelopes and 50 cardboard boxes.

So I sez to The Boy, I sez, “With these massive boxes of shipping stuff all around, our place is starting to look like those bunkers people build to hide in if there’s a nuclear war.  You know, where they stockpile food and supplies and stuff.”

And The Boy instantly replies: “Postal-apocalyptic.”

Yes!  Postal-apocalyptic.

I’m a fan of puns and that one was too epic not to share. :D

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