Monday, November 15, 2010

Strange thoughts.

Do maggots inherently know that they will eventually become flies?  Is there a belief programmed into their DNA that although right now they're writhing eyeless on the ground in a pile of filth, one day they'll soar high above the Earth and be able to view it all through amazing compound eyes?

Is a fly basically a maggot-angel?

Are human beings just a larval form of what we're destined to become?


  1. Pass the joint when you're done with it ;c)

  2. Y'know, I'm actually kind of afraid to do drugs because if I'm this weird normally, what would the addition of outside substances do to me?!?

    But maybe drugs don't make people weird, just...different. Maybe they'd turn me all ladylike. Maybe instead of making a desperate run for snack foods at 1am I'd be desperately trolling teh internets for high-necked floral blouses.

  3. Ah, I understand: one of us lucky people who don't need drugs. Maybe it'd turn you too normal, and you'd say things like "Mmmm, I must start a pension plan."