Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sneak preview

Remember how I said I've had breakuppy painting ideas lately?  Here are those two paintings I wanted to show you.  They're not on Etsy yet because I still have to varnish them and take photos from various angles...but I just can't wait to share 'em. :)

At 4"x4", this is the smallest painting of a person I've ever done.  The picture continues on all four sides of the canvas, which was infuriatingly difficult to do but looks UNBELIEVABLY COOL.

I'm kind of a movie buff.  I never consciously realized it until I painted this picture, but sometimes when I paint something, I'm trying to capture a dramatic moment from a made-up movie in my head.  So picture this: a woman learns her lover has done something unforgiveable.  They end up having a confrontation about it in a bar parking lot, late at night.  Her lover tries to make excuses, tries to apologize for the transgression, tries to use charm to get back on her good side, but she says "DON'T" - and she means it.  She can't forgive what happened this time; a heavy door seems to shut inside her mind, and she knows the relationship is permanently over.  A cold breeze whips her spiky blue hair across her eyes as she gives this person she loved one last long, appraising stare.  Then she walks away without looking back.

That's what I was trying to capture: that one moment where everything you ever knew seems to be collapsing around you and you just...walk away.  


This one kinda came out of nowhere for me.  I tried to interpret it and came up with two possible meanings: 1) "My ex tried to keep me married to him but I realized we'd grown too far apart to make it work anymore" and 2) "A guy tried to woo me using the all the usual romantic cliches, but those tricks don't work on me."  Either sentiment applies to me: I did grow out of a marriage and I am a woman who can't be plied with roses or diamonds or whatever other crap chicks are supposed to want.

I think I may finally have outgrown my obsession with The Boy's lips and am moving on to an obsession with images of diamond rings; I have all this wedding band imagery in my head lately.  We'll see.

So, yeah...these paintings will be on Etsy shortly...but you saw 'em here first. :)

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