Sunday, November 7, 2010

You KNOW I had to do one in pink...

Painting these pictures of The Boy's gorgeous mouth was really satisfying.  After spending all that time carefully analyzing the shapes, colours, and proportions of his lips and teeth and tongue, I feel like I know them in a way I didn't before.  Probably a med student feels this way about a body he's dissected; probably a mechanic feels this way about a car engine he's assembled from parts.

A lot of the drawings and paintings I did when I was a teenager were portraits of famous people that I had crushes on (guys from '80s synthpop bands...*blush*).  I realize now that it's because the process of putting their image on paper or canvas felt intimate to me...running my pencil or paintbrush over the contours of their faces was the next best thing to touching them in person.

(This 4”x4” painting is for sale on Etsy!  Click the picture to go to the listing.)

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