Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to tell if you are in your 30s (in 2010)

-If someone says the phrase "tell all your friends!" you yell out "...tell the whole bunch!  I just had a hippopotamus for lunch!" (or at least you want to).

-If you start dialing a number and your friend asks you who you're gonna call, you yell out, "GHOOOOOST...BUSTERS!" (or at least you want to).

-If you ever owned a pair of shiny black spandex bike shorts with a wide neon stripe down each side.

-If you ever let Sun-In, AquaNet, or a crimper near your hair while sober.

Ummm ummm I dunno.  There are tons of lists like this circulating on the internet but I'm trying to come up with things I don't remember from any of them.  The first thing on my list actually happened to me the other day, which is why I'm thinking about this stuff.

Anyone have anything to add to my list?  Leave it in the comments!

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  1. Update: The Boy read this post and asked me what the "hippopotamus for lunch" thing was from. Ooooooh god I feel old.

    But the joke's on him 'cause his inquiry got the entire commercial jingle stuck in my head and I was singing it all day.