Friday, April 1, 2011

Introducing Faith Palmer

I like to pretend that The Boy has an alter ego named Faith Palmer who only emerges when I've gotten an idea or had a realization. 

For example, the other day I was making some fake fried eggs.  I hadn't painted them yet, so they still solid white.  And I held one up and said, "Look, Boy!  It's The Ghost of Breakfast Past!"

...And then I realized, "Wait, no, technically The Ghost of Breakfast Past would just be poo."

Then The Boy facepalmed and I was all, "Well hello, Faith Palmer, how nice of  you to join us!"

Faith Palmer has been coming by almost every day lately, it seems.  I guess I've been having a lot of really righteous epiphanies.

Hey, if I have an epiphany about poo, is it an epoophany?

Okay I should probably go to bed.


  1. i wonder what an epiphany about poo would be?

    if someone has an epiphany about an elephant would it be an epiphaphant?

    oh, and you made it to FRIDAY. YAY!

  2. No, you were right the first time. The unpainted egg is the Ghost of Breakfast Past; poo is just the corpse of Breakfast Past.

  3. Tammie: "epiphaphant" is my new favourite word! :D

    Charles: Damn, you're totally correct!