Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diary of a Trailblazer: So Totally Worth It.

Since quitting, I've spent most of my time tidying the apartment and making fake bacon and eggs (stockpiling because I think they're gonna be big sellers) but I haven't really done any paintings.  I think I was having my whole "fear of failure" paralysis thing; I mean, I have a ton of ideas for art, I just have a hard time starting any of them.

But yesterday, at The Boy's gentle urging, I forced myself to power through my mental block and start painting.  I told myself that if I tried something and it didn't work, nobody would ever know but me...I could screw up a hundred times and just quietly throw those attempts in the trash and start again.  The only work my potential customers will ever see is what I choose to put in my store - the good stuff - and even my failures will be learning experiences, so the rewards of starting a new painting would far outweigh the risks, so just go already.

And I did, and my ideas snowballed, and since yesterday I've made like a dozen adorable little 4"x6" paintings (mostly of cartoon food; I'm still on that food kick).  I feel freaking awesome - today and yesterday are everything I ever hoped my jobless life would be.  I feel productive and energized and fulfilled and amazing.

What's that you say?  You want proof of my awesome prolificness?  Well then:

I told you I'm a messy painter!
Confession time: if you've been to my Etsy store lately and it seemed pitifully understocked, it's because I've decided to switch from Etsy over to a different selling venue called Artfire.  But I don't want to open an Artfire store with a handful of things in it and gradually build from there; I want to pack my virtual shelves with a wide selection of incredible art before I invite the public to come browse.  In the meantime, there's going to be a bit of a lag as my Etsy listings slowly expire and I work like crazy behind the scenes to get my Artfire store into shape.

At this point I'd say I'm nicely on track to having a truly righteous Artfire shop.  Let's hope my productive streak continues 'cause I can hardly wait to show you my brand new digs!


  1. Wow I found my alter ego.. I think you paint as I.
    I love your Creativity. Best of luck to you..

  2. I've found it's always best to paint naked. That way you don't ruing any clothes. Can't wait to see the new stuff!!

  3. Groove Press - thank you!

    Mia - totally! Also, no sleeves to shed cat hair onto my work. :D

  4. I can't wait to see the new shop!