Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The vet says...

Birch has major tartar on his teeth and it's making his gums are all red and swollen.  He should probably get his teeth cleaned, which will end up costing me something like $600-$1,000 depending on whether they find any cavities or if it's just a routine tooth-scraping.

Obviously, this news is much better than if he'd had to have a plastic shopping bag surgically removed from his colon.  Also obviously, I'd rather there had been nothing wrong at all.

The vet did say that the cleaning isn't a super-urgent thing, and gave me some crunchy cat treats that might help bust the tartar off in the meantime.  But I really should bite the bullet and spend the money.  Birchy's gums look really sore and I can't stand to think he's in pain.

He was a freaking champion with the vet, btw.  So calm and polite!  That's my boy. :)


  1. I'm very glad the news is mostly good! Sorry it's not all good.

  2. Thank you, Charles. :)

    If something had to be wrong with him, it might as well be this. Teeth are out there where we can see them, at least - nobody has to x-ray him or cut him open or anything. And it turns out he loves those tartar-fighting treats so maybe those will improve the situation. :)