Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: Ilona Brodi

I discovered Ilona Brodi's work at the One of a Kind Show, where I spent ages in her booth gaping rapturously at the bright colours and adorable subject matter and OMG GLITTER in her artwork!

Ilona specializes in mixed media pieces (acrylic paint, coloured pencil, and DID I MENTION GLITTER*).  Her business card refers to her stuff as "whimsical artwork for children", but I feel that this description is both inaccurate and limiting.  I'm a grown-up (well, kinda...) and I would totally buy her work - the only reason I didn't purchase a print of her fantastic Cow Over the Moon at One of a Kind is that my walls are currently bursting with my own paintings (and also shelves of DVDs and comic books) so I don't know where I'd put it!

Speaking of prints: yes, Ilona does carry them, so if an original piece is a bit out of your budget she's got you covered.  And, get this - the prints have actual glitter on them!!!  Like...not just a picture of the glitter that was on the original picture, but the real thing!  Ilona painstakingly glitter-ifies every single print by hand!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this - it means that each print has a unique and special personal touch.

You can order Ilona Brodi's prints on her website here (my favourites are Cow Over the Moon and Hippo's Bath Time!!!  What are yours?).  Also, if by chance you live in or near Bolton, Ontario and you have kids 5-11 who want to learn art, she's offering art lessons out of her home (the deadline on applications is June 1st...see all the details about halfway down this page).  Kinda makes me wish I were young enough (and close enough) to participate!

Rock on, Ilona...and please note that your work appeals to "big kids" too!

*In case you can't tell, I really like glitter.

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