Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Note to Self: Moderation is Key

I keep having to remind myself to eat well.  I like vegetables, but that's a relatively recent revelation for me;  also, I like cheese, mayonnaise, eggs, etc. more.  So, unless I watch myself really closely, I tend to default to a diet of all protein and fat, all the time.

Today, I realized I'd been letting my eating habits slip again so I made myself a great big salad to get me back on track.  And, as always, I was amazed by how fantastic all those veggies made me feel.  You'd think vitamins would have to actually digest before a person could reap their benefits, but apparently not - I felt like I was in a video game and the salad filled up my energy-meter thing to the top!

...Until I finished the salad, whose size exceeded the comfortable capacity of my stomach by approximately 25%.

So...full.............must...lie down..............can't...stop...talking like Shatner..........


Seriously, though, I'm not what the kids call a "foodie" but this salad was so colourful and pretty and, well, healthy-looking that I actually took a picture (yes, I set my plate on the floor for this; every other flat surface in the apartment is covered in paintbrushes, paint tubes, paintings, bottles of varnish, artificial bacon strips and fake fried eggs.  These days I eat on the couch with the plate balanced on my boobs).

Spinach,  mushrooms, old cheddar, red and yellow peppers, strawberries, and tuna salad.  Next time I'll use half the can of tuna instead of the entire thing.

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