Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Strong like bull!

I'm back from working out!  Sure enough, I was a little bit hungry and draggy by the time I even arrived at the gym, but I still managed to do all the different exercises I'd planned to.  And I even walked home afterwards (a distance of...three or four miles, maybe?).

Even though weight training is hard work, I love how I feel right afterward.  My muscles are making little inaudible "pings" now like a car engine cooling down...they're exhausted and wrung out, but happy.

p.s. The new running shoes I bought are ludicrously huge and white.

Sadly, I know that at some point in the next two days my bodily euphoria will wear off.

I'm gonna try to stave off the worst of it by taking a hot bath and making sure I get lots of sleep tonight.  I also have a supplement called glutamine that helps muscles heal faster, but the best-before date is years past.  I think supplements simply become less effective once they've expired, but what if I'm wrong and I take some of the ancient glutamine and it makes me grow a third arm out of my chest?  I'd probably better just stick with hot baths and sleep.


  1. at least that third arm will be really, really buff.

  2. ...and I'd finally be able to do push-ups!