Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Earskins are the best thing ever!

So back in March I made some random post about my gauged ears.  That post now has over 1,500 views, almost all of them from people who Googled phrases like "what do size 6 ear gauges look like?" Apparently people really, really want to see pictures of stretched earlobes.

You want pictures of gauged ears?  You got 'em!  Don't say I never do anything for you. :)

Heyyyy, baby!  Check out my stretched-out holes!

This is my right ear, currently stretched to a size 2.  On the left, we see what it looks like totally nekkid - curiously, the hole seems to collapse in on itself and look smaller when there's no jewelry in it.  On the right, we see how the same exact hole looks with a transparent Kaos brand earskin in it.

Earskins are thin, flexible silicone tubes with a flare on each end, and they are fantastic. My previous ear jewelry was a pair of single-flare metal eyelets, and although I loved how they looked, they were too long and tended to poke into the side of my head.  Earskins, however, are short and squishy and therefore totally comfortable, even to sleep in.  They stay in place, look awesome, and for some reason (TMI ALERT!) I produce way less "ear cheese" with them than I do with metal jewelry.

Earskins can be tricky to get in...I fold each one in half to get it through my ear, and once it's in it never opens up all the way and I have to mess with it to get the wrinkles out.  I have discovered an awesome trick for this, though: pushing a Q-tip into the middle of the earskin!  My size 2 holes are a snug fit for a cotton swab so it pops the earskin right open in one shot.

Let's take another look at the clear earskin from a slightly more direct angle, shall we?

My earlobe is angry with me because I'd just put the earskin in.  It stopped being so red later on.

I love how at first glance it looks like I'm not wearing an earring of any kind, and yet the hole in my lobe is perfectly round and the edges of it look all smooth and shiny.  It's like someone made the hole with a power drill and then polished the inside of it.  Trippy!

Anyhoo, my lovely body-modding friends, that's all I have to say about ear-gauging for now...but if you happen to like comic-style paintings and/or awkward real-life anecdotes, you should stick around!  This blog has both of those things.  Click here to see a bunch of art that I've made (many of my paintings feature people with piercings and/or tattoos and/or brightly coloured might like 'em!).  Or, browse my other blog entries for stories about art, crossdressing, kitties, and much more!

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Cheers. :)

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