Saturday, August 27, 2011

Caturday: Random Birchitude

Sometimes, Birch gets eye crusties.  You know, like the crud we humans all have in the corners of our eyes when we first wake up...except Birch's eye crud is black.  The wax that I occasionally swab gently out of his ears is also black.  I'm pretty sure the fact that my cat's head secretes mysterious black ooze constitutes scientific proof, once and for all, that he is evil.

...Although my first clue should have been the goatee.  Everyone (or at least every Trekker) knows that goatees=evil.

On a different note, I was brushing Birch last week and decided to try rolling his loose fur into balls, like this lady does (she sells necklaces made from her cat's hair!  For over $200 each!).  I discovered that if I roll a pouf of fur gently between my cupped hands for a few seconds, it makes a big squishy ball that's densely matted together on the outside but hollow on the inside.  I don't understand how this happens, but it does.

If I keep rolling for another minute or so - carefully making sure that the fur between my hands is actually rolling around in all directions and not forming a big gross matted worm - it slowly collapses into itself to form a solid ball like the necklace lady uses...except not pure white because Birch's various colours all mix together.

I cal this colour "antique underpants."

Then I tried brushing just Birch's tail so I could get only dark fur, for contrast.  The tail-fur didn't roll up as nicely as the body-fur ones did, though, I think the hairs are a bit longer and coarser.

Yeah...that middle one just looks itchy.
So, yeah...I'm thinking about making myself a Birch-fur necklace.  Probably with a small portrait of him hanging from it.  I figure I don't really look enough like a crazy cat lady yet so I should go ahead and hang a big ol' shrine around my neck. 

Speaking of tributes to our furry friends, I once found pics on the internet of a guy with a beautiful tattooed portrait of his recently deceased-of-old-age cat on his arm - and the cat's ashes were mixed into the ink!  Some might find this idea kind of ghoulish (and I can understand that) but I love it.  Of course, I'll never have the opportunity to get a tattoo like that myself because Merle and Birch are both going to die at the exact same time as me.  What's that?  You don't think it's possible for a cat or dog to live for fifty-odd years?  LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LA LA LA.

Do you guys have clothes or jewelry or tattoos in honour of a pet?  Would you ever want some?

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  1. i don't have it yet, but if i ever get the money, i'd love to have a life-size portrait of my ex-bearded dragon, banjo, tattooed over my collarbone and shoulder. he was my manly-man.

  2. That sounds like a beautiful idea for a tattoo! And of course Banjo was a manly-man. He had a beard. What's manlier than that? :D